Understand the factors that triggered the historic cold wave in the United States


United States President Joe Biden said he hopes to announce aid in the coming days to US states that are experiencing historic cold. Since the beginning of the week, 26 people have died and millions of Americans are without electricity. Meteorologist and Somer Meteorologia’s business director, Willian Beanie, explains that two factors are causing low temperatures.

“First we have to remember that the United States is in the middle of winter. In addition, a polar vortex that suppresses cold loses strength and allows a polar mass to enter the United States. Another important factor is the performance of La Nina, which drains the climate in the north and northwest of the country.

In the state of Dallas, the temperature is below the normal climate. This year, thermometers have been recorded at minus 25 ° C compared to 15 ° C observed in the same period of 2020. According to meteorologists, the temperature should return to ideal levels next week.

Wheat should be damaged by cold

According to Beanie, lower-than-normal North American agricultural production should be affected. “Wheat will be the most affected, which is in the planting stage and there may be a loss of quality. In the case of corn, where sowing is scheduled for late April and early March, it is still necessary to assess the effect of freezing on soil. The same goes for soy ”.

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