In the UK, cases of Covid caused by Omicron have started to decline. national magazine

In the UK, cases of Covid caused by Omicron have started to decline.  national magazine

Avalanche of new covid cases caused by the Omicron variant begins to decline United Kingdom,

The British government looks closely at the numbers and sees signs that the height of the contagion wave is behind us. New cases of Kovid are decreasing in England,

London’s public health team says the capital is no longer the epicenter of Covid in the country. Infectionologist Kevin Fenton explained that the city, perhaps, is no longer at the peak of the Omicron outbreak. But he warned that the critical phase of the epidemic has not yet passed: the level of infection is still very high.

One in ten Londoners is infected. The government knows that it is too early to set a trend. The English Scientific Council warned that year-end festivities and back to school could hamper the data. Now It is a fact that the number of deaths is infinitely less as compared to January 2021. More than 80% of British completed vaccinations,

The health minister said he said honestly: “The next few weeks are going to be tough. Even if the infection subsides, it takes about two weeks to have an effect on hospitals.” From February 2021, United Kingdom I haven’t seen so many hospitalizations, and most are elderly.

The head of the health system explained on Friday (7) that Micron means more patients and fewer teams for treatment. Latest data from the British government shows that more than 35,000 health professionals missed a week’s work because they had Covid, This is still a situation that weighs heavily on hospitals. To the extent that the military sends doctors and nurses to help.

But the chief executive of the Hospital Directors Association thinks the front lines will hold. Chris Hopson said the vaccines are working and most collaborators are betting that even hospitalizations will start to decline.

The British prime minister thinks he can handle the new wave without any further restrictions. Boris Johnson is also considering reducing the isolation period for infected people from 7 to 5 days. But he has made it clear that he will follow the advice of the Scientific Board.

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