India and other countries are facing Kovid-19 cases between China travel bans

China says visas issued after November 3 will not be affected.

New Delhi:

The Chinese embassy in New Delhi on Thursday said that China has decided to temporarily admit foreign nationals from India due to the coronavirus epidemic, despite the valid visa or residence permit issued by the foreign nationals. Government of India sources said the order was not specific to India and Beijing. Similar orders have been issued by other countries concerned with the COIVD-19 case. Visas issued after November 3 will not be affected.

Passengers from Britain, France, Belgium, Bangladesh and the Philippines will also face similar restrictions.

The embassy said in a note, “Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, it has been announced that China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry of foreign nationals into China, including a valid Chinese visa or residence permit.” . “

“Chinese embassies / consulates in India will not affix seals on health declarations for holders of the above categories of visas or residence permits,” it said.

A note posted on the embassy’s website made it clear that Chinese “foreigners with diplomatic, service, etiquette and C-visa are not affected.”

“Foreigners with emergency or humanitarian needs can apply for visas to Chinese embassies / consulates to enter China. Visas issued after November 3 have not affected entry into China,” it said.

The embassy said the suspension was a temporary measure that China would have to take to deal with the current epidemic.

“China will make further arrangements and announcements in line with the status of the ongoing epidemic from time to time,” it said.

Be beep

Government of India sources said the measure was temporary and future visas would not be affected. Sources said, “This measure is not special. It has been noted that similar measures have been taken in many other countries.

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“The reason behind this measure seems to be Chinese concerns over the possible increase in the global affairs of the Covid 19, which has increased due to the arrival of autumn and winter in the northern golfers.” The Government of India is in touch with the Chinese side to facilitate the necessary travel. He said that of Indians from China and India.

India is the second most infected country in the world after the United States with over 83 lakh covid-1 cases. China, where the virus was born late last year, has largely controlled the outbreak through stricter travel restrictions and stricter health measures for anyone entering the country.

In March, when the virus spread around the world, China closed its borders to all foreign nationals.

It gradually eased restrictions to allow people stranded abroad to return to its embassies, negative COVID-19 tests and two weeks of separate approvals upon arrival.

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