India announces shipment of 2 million doses of Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine to Brazil National newspaper

India announces shipment of 2 million doses of Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine to Brazil National newspaper

After a delay of about a week, India announced to send 2 million doses of the Oxford vaccine to Brazil, in partnership with AstraZeneca. A lot comes on this Friday (22).

The plane departed from Mumbai airport in India with vaccines on Thursday night. The Serum Institute, which produced the immunizer, is taking care of this transport, as it had planned since the beginning of the negotiations with Firoza.

Last Thursday (14), the Brazilian government tried to get the vaccine on its own. He also designed a plane that never takes off. India, in turn, was starting a vaccination campaign there and would not be able to be present in Brazil at that time. The country was for later.

On Tuesday (19), the Indian government announced the supply of subsidized vaccines to six neighboring countries: Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Seychelles. This Thursday (21st), they finally released exports to Brazil and Morocco.

According to the Ministry of Health, Emirates Flight arrives in Guarulhos on Friday afternoon. The shipment would continue, on a flight to Azul to Gello, Rio, and from there, it would be taken to Firokruz, which informed that it would work during the night and that the vaccine could be delivered as early as Saturday.

Pazuelo said that he spoke twice with the Chinese Ambassador to Brazil on Wednesday (20) and said that there is no political or diplomatic problem to bring IFA, an active pharmaceutical ingredient, and denied that it was delayed. is.

“In this IFA delivery contract for Butnan, the first delivery is the next delivery forecast for 10 February. Try to make predictions. Butanen’s case is not late. And, in the case of turquoise, the forecast is as of 31 January. It is not late, but we are anticipating the problem. This has to be clarified, as I cannot yet actively activate the company we ordered the technology from. I can only activate it, and I will do it on the first day of delay, which is after the end of January.

Butanton’s staff cured the minister. The February 10 deadline to which Pazzuelo refers is not to hand over the institution to IFA. But, yes, to give 4.8 million doses of vaccine to the ministry. Regarding the input, Butan’s director said it has been delayed.

“We have to know whether we are late or not, we are here in Butan. I mean, the shipment is expected to come on January 6th with 11 thousand liters. This remittance did not come by procedures from Chinese officials, who asked for it to be rescheduled. A reprogramming was done, dividing these 11 thousand into two batches, and is the first batch of 5,400 liters that we are waiting this moment for authorization for shipment. Therefore, we have been late since 6 January, and we are relying on the arrival of these 5,400 liters to begin the production phase, which will give rise to 8 million doses at this time. Therefore, we are awaiting the release of this raw material, ready to be produced in China as soon as possible, just awaiting this authorization for shipment to Brazil.

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Under the contract, butane is to deliver 2.7 million doses to the Ministry of Health by the end of January, and 9.3 million doses by the end of February, on a schedule running through April, a total of 46 million doses.

Butanon’s director said he needed input by 29 January. “If we receive a batch of raw materials by the end of this month, we will not have any impact on the vaccine delivery program for the ministry. Presumably, we will have to delay this schedule also if these inputs do not come by the end of this month ”, Dimas Kovas said.

Each day of import delay compromises the vaccination schedule in the country. Everything is on hold in Buttanen and Feroz until the input arrives. When laboratories have IFA, it still takes two to three weeks to finalize the production of vaccines. It is a costly time in this fight against Kovid-19.

On the other hand, Fucrose’s initial schedule was to release the first batch of vaccines between February 8 and February 12, but may be delayed without input. The contract with the Ministry of Health provides for the delivery of 50 million doses by April, reaching 210 million by the end of 2021.

The foundation’s vice president, Marco Kraiger, says that the technical part of China’s issuance of the IFA has been resolved: “There is no technology pending. Now it is a question of export release, which has to go through some processes. China is producing many vaccines for the world, they have created a specific office so that this action is done in a very coordinated manner, which is also very careful, because it is a delicate subject. Our program had the effect of playing – right now, it is already the 15 days we were looking for, anticipating delivery – but we hope it will be resolved very quickly. We are working there and on all fronts.

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Clovis Arns da Cunha, president of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases, warns that delay compromises life: “What is important to strengthen us is that every day of vaccination is done in one to two months to hundreds of people Has the ability to save lives. Unfortunately, already we were delayed in saving hundreds of lives in one day. This cannot happen anymore. We have to, as a society, commit to getting vaccines ”.

Anvisa said that on Friday afternoon (22), the Collegiate Board would hold an extraordinary meeting to evaluate the second request for emergency use of Coronavac from the Butanon Institute. This order refers to a batch that already produces 4.8 million doses.

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