India set a new record of Kovid-19 cases in 24 hours. world

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a India According to data released by the country’s Ministry of Health on Saturday (17), 234,692 new cases of Kovid-19 were recorded in the last 24 hours and set a new daily record. The Asian country also recorded 1,341 more deaths in just one day and 175,649 deaths from the onset of the new coronovirus epidemic.

The previous record of infection cases was recorded on Friday (15), with just over 217,000 new infections. On Thursday (15), the Asian country surpassed the benchmark for the first time 200000 New infections.

This was the eighth daily record of cases in the last nine days. India suffers from a major second wave and is now close to 14.5 million infections, second only to America, Who have reported more than 32 million cases of Kovid-19. Last Monday (12), Country Brazilian confirmation cases passed.

India is facing a period of religious festivals, neglecting measures to counter the epidemic with crowded hospitals.

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Naga Sadhus, or Hindu holy men, take a dip in the Ganges during a religious festival in Haridwar, India on April 12, 2021, amid an epidemic of new coronaviruses (pandemic-19): Photo: Anushree Phadnavis / Reuters

The full record of cases in 24 hours is still the United States, which was More than 300 thousand registered on 2 January. There is a record for infected people in Brazil 97,500 new cases in 24 hours, Who were registered on 25 March.

Amid mounting cases, the capital New Delhi imposed curfew this weekend. Shopping, gyms, restaurants and some markets will be closed and only essential services will be able to function.

The financial capital of the country has already adopted several restrictive measures. The city is in the country’s largest state, Maharashtra, which is the second wave and even the epicenter. Lockout started Thursday (15) to stop the spread of the virus.

In late January and early February, India was registering fewer than 10,000 infected per day. The Indian government attributes the disrespect for social distance and the failure to use masks as causes of outbreaks. Doctors and experts also point to the government’s complacency and new form of coronavirus due to the increase of cases.

There is a record of cases and deaths among the pace of vaccination in the country. India is the world’s largest producer of vaccines and began its vaccination campaign in January, which took a long time to begin.

The country started restricting the export of vaccines against Kovid-19 to speed up vaccination, which has led to results.

India is the third country to have applied the highest dose to date (117 million), behind only America (198 million) and China (183 million), according to Our World in Data, a project involving the University of Oxford.

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