Indian doctors ask people in the country not to use animal manure against Kovid-19; Watch video | world

Indian doctors ask people in the country not to use animal manure against Kovid-19;  Watch video |  world

Doctor in India The population was forced to warn that spreading cow manure throughout the body does not protect Kovid-19 and is still at risk of infection from other diseases.

In the state of Gujarat, some people are going to cover the body of cow dung and urine once a week, in the hope that it will strengthen their immunity against coronovirus or even help them recover from the disease. (See video above).

Coronavirus has already infected more than 22.6 million people in India. There have been officially over 246,000 deaths so far (experts say the actual number could be 10 times higher). There is a shortage of hospital beds, oxygen and medicine, and so many die without treatment.

On May 9, 2021 near Ahmedabad, India, people applied cow manure paste on the body.

The cow is sacred in Hinduism. It is a symbol of life and earth. Hindus have used cow manure in religious rituals for centuries. They believe that the material has therapeutic properties.

“We also see doctors here. They believe that this therapy improves immunity and they can take care of patients without any fear,” said Gautam Manilal Borisa, manager of a pharmaceutical company.

He himself often attends a school of Hindu monks to bathe dung.

Doctors and scientists from India and other countries have already warned that ineffective treatment may cause False sense of security In relation to the epidemic and Make the situation worse Epidemiology.

President of the Indian Medical Association, Dr. JA Jayalal said that there is no scientific evidence that cow dung and urine strengthen immunity against Kovid-19.

“There is a health risk when using these products. Animal diseases can contaminate humans,” he said.

In addition, these rituals have a multitude of people, who go against the worldwide guidance of experts to prevent the spread of Kovid.

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