Influencer says she slept next to neighbor’s corpse for two months

Influencer says she slept next to neighbor’s corpse for two months

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  • Reagan Bailey recorded a report on TikTok

  • he smelled bad

  • she and her boyfriend got sick

In a video on social media, digital influencer Reagan Bailey recalled a horrific living experience in May 2020, when she was socially isolated due to the Covid-19 pandemic at her apartment in Los Angeles in the United States. According to him, dead fish started piling up on the corridors of the apartment block. The smell was so strong that it made her nauseous and prevented her from sleeping.

Last Friday (the 15th) Reagan shared on TikTok what really happened during that period. According to her, she lived with a dead neighbor for two months.

The influencer tells in the video that he noticed the entry of spiders into the apartment, in addition to a very unpleasant smell. He even thought that the neighbor’s dog must have died.

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“I started thinking that maybe my neighbor’s dog who lived on my right was dead and I was very worried, but my manager told me I couldn’t start knocking on the neighbors door and bothering them,” They said.

When Reagan’s boyfriend became ill with the smell, he realized something was wrong. Then she called the police, even though the condominium manager insisted not to disturb the neighbors.

The police gave 48 hours to investigate, but at that time demonstrations started against the killing of George Floyd and the affected person decided not to call the police.

Fortunately, the administrator agreed to send a maintenance worker to see where the stench was coming from. “He barely made the stairs. He took off his mask and said, ‘I’m going to get the master key, someone is dead,'” he said.

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After some time the police arrived and questioned him and other residents. However, the influencer did not give details about the victim.

“To make a long story short, they said it was the worst decomposed body ever. I won’t go into too many details for the individual’s privacy, but let’s assume they were liquefied and were basically one of this Skeleton on point. The symptoms my boyfriend and I were experiencing were due to toxic fumes and gases coming out of the body,” Reagan said.

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