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Hotel gacho Colline de France was featured in international and national vehicles

Insider 2 Comunicao’s advisory work had international impact. The agency’s client, the Gacho Colin de France Hotel, was pictured in vehicles from India, the United States and the United Kingdom. The project, based in Gramado, took the first place in the ‘The 25 Best Hotels in the World’ ranking by TripAdvisor’s’ Travelers’ Choice 2021 – Best of the Best ‘award.

It was reported by daily Mail (are you), Forbes I Travel weekly (USA) and TThat India Express News (India). In addition to appearing in over 90 vehicles in Brazil:, Bones Fluidos, Brasil Travel News, CNN, Dessejo Luxo, Economia SC, Isto Dinhiro, DCI Newspapers, Jornal de Gramado, Middle North, Best Destination, MSN, Rondonia News, O Tempo, Panrotas, Small Companies and Big Businesses, Which Travel, Expenso Magazine and Zero Hora.

Insider 2’s director, Miron Neto, and journalist and account executive, Lucianne Rocha Martins, were responsible for the disclosure. Martins believes the success comes from an unprecedented achievement – according to him, it is the first time that a hotel in Brazil is at the forefront of the ranking – with strategic actions.

“Since the collection of information for the development of the story, worked on the definition of editorial and final disclosure to the press. This is one of the differences of Insider 2. We don’t just produce a text. Behind the process, There’s a whole lot of creative excitement, which is already part of Insider 2’s DNA. “

The TripAdvisor survey is based on the experiences of actual travelers who have visited the sites. From these evaluations, the most popular destinations, hotels, attractions and restaurants have been ranked.

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