Instagram begins testing to return feeds in chronological order. Technology

Instagram begins testing to return feeds in chronological order.  Technology

instagram will offer again a Chronological feed, where photos and videos are sorted from newest to oldest, According to the social network, the novelty began to be released in the testing phase and should reach all users during the first half of 2022.

The chronological feed was used by instagram in the first years of its existence. It was changed in 2016, when the social network adopted a model that prioritized the profiles with which users interact the most.

The head of instagram, Adam Mosseri used social media to reveal more about the change. The executive said users will be able to choose from three options:

  • House: feed into the current model, where instagram Sorts posts that attract the most interest in your opinion and include account recommendations that users don’t follow;
  • Next: feeds in chronological order with only accounts that users follow, and no recommendations from social networks;
  • Favorite: Option to create a list for users to make sure they see posts from certain profiles, such as close friends.

“We think it’s important that if you’re interested, you can quickly get a chronological feed, and see the latest news published by accounts you follow,” Mosseri said.

According to Mosseri, the change will bring “greater transparency”, “accountability” and “greater control” for users. in recent months, instagram Has been the target of criticism after whistleblower Francis Haugen To state that the products of Facebook harm to children.

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