Instagram returns to offering feeds in chronological order; See how to activate | Technology

Instagram returns to offering feeds in chronological order;  See how to activate |  Technology

hey instagram Gained a feature that allows you to set the order in which posts will be displayed in the feed. It is possible to keep the current configuration, which is defined by the platform algorithm, or switch to reverse chronological order, where the most recent appear first.

At least in tests since January, the resource began to be officially released this Wednesday (23). The novelty will come gradually to all users.

To change the order that posts appear in Feed, You have to tap on the Instagram logo in the app and choose one of the available options,

  • home page: feeds in the current model, where Instagram’s algorithm orders posts based on what it thinks will attract the most interest and includes recommendations from accounts users don’t follow;
  • Next: feed in chronological order only with accounts that users follow, and without recommendations from social networks;
  • Favorite: Option in chronological order with a list created by users with certain profiles, such as relatives and close friends.

The option to use the Instagram algorithm will be on by default and will be activated whenever the social network feed is opened. The change in Instagram address is, at least in part, an old request from users who prefer to see posts in reverse chronological order – Which was used in the early days of the app,

The platform also released a “Favorites” feed, which shows a list of accounts that users have liked the most.

In its announcement of the change, Instagram said it wanted to give more control over each person’s experience on the app and after surveys showed users liked the model, it decided to keep the algorithmic feed as the default. .

“On average, people see more than 90% of their friends’ posts in algorithmically ranked feeds. With chronological feeds that number was less than half. And because people are more engaged in ranked feeds, a post is viewed as 50% is viewed by more followers than chronological feeds,” the social network said.

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