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HighlightMost of the people are installing screenguard on their smartphone screen.Let’s have a look at the disadvantages as well as the advantages.

smart Fone It has become an important part of everyone’s life today. You smart Fone buys. No matter how scratch-produced his screen is, we wear a screenguard to protect his screen. So there is no small or big scratch on the screen. Just as we see this one benefit, we also see its danger. If you are using third party screen protector, it can be harmful to your smartphone and it can cost in thousands.

According to a report, modern smartphones have two sensors Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor under the display. You cannot see both the sensors, which are near the receiver on the right side of the phone screen. Thus, when we put a screen guard on the phone for screen protection, it blocks the sensor. This makes the screen of the smartphone non-reactive. In such a situation, you stop receiving calls on your smartphone. Also, sometimes the in-display fingerprint scanner does not work properly due to the use of third party screen guards.

So if you want to install a screenguard, use a branded screenguard. It would be better if you buy a good brand screen protector from the company that has the smartphone. Smartphone makers have an idea of ​​where the sensors are in those smartphones. So those companies are making screenguards like this.

web title: Installing a screenguard on a smartphone?; So read this, otherwise it could reach thousands

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