International schools arrive in Japan, attracting wealthy Chinese families

International schools arrive in Japan, attracting wealthy Chinese families

Renowned educational institutions in the UK have found a new area of ​​investment: the Japan, In total, more than 3,000 new places will be offered to international schools in Japan, such as British Rugby School, Malvern College and Harrow.

This innovation has managed to attract hundreds of families across Asia, especially rich family of china, In fact, there is already considerable movement towards welcoming Chinese children and adolescents who will seek growth opportunities in these schools.

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A fresh start in Japan

There are many factors that drive these Chinese families to decide. send your kids to japan to study, Initially, China has been a very closed country in terms of international education, making it impossible for these schools to set up units in the country. Japan, on the other hand, follows a policy of internationalization of teaching, especially in basic education.

Also, the policy of “Covid Zero” China Proved to be a beautiful population control mechanism. In this case, there are still a number of border restrictions, as well as excessive social isolation mechanisms, which prevent the population from moving. Yet the number of cases of Kovid-19 in China is still scary, while the number of deaths in Japan is very low.

Benefits of international schools

As we have already mentioned, these schools are very successful because of their history of quality education. After all, they are memorable institutions, which have already made great personalities in the West, especially in the United Kingdom. So wealthy families in Asia see this as a unique opportunity to invest in their children’s careers and intelligence.

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In addition, schools also attract great opportunities for personal development through the practice of extra-curricular activities. For example, the practice of sports such as skiing and golf, are great attractions in the list of international schools. Not to mention the program content aimed at better learning as well as guaranteeing access to qualified teachers. But of course it is expensive, with a monthly fee of about 65,250 US dollars, or about three hundred and forty thousand rupees a month.

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