Internet – Métis cable: 24 terabytes of additional capacity

Internet - Métis cable: 24 terabytes of additional capacity

The Métis optical fiber submarine cable is operational from 8 March 2021. It improves the internet connection and the redundancy capacity of the country.

This development is timely, as Internet traffic is particularly dense during the concentration. Emtel and CEB FiberNet, a subsidiary of the Central Electricity Board (CEB), announced the commissioning of a new submarine fiber optic cable on Wednesday 17 March and Friday 18 March 2021 respectively. The MElting poT Indianoceanic Submarine System (Metiss) is operational from Monday, March 8, 2021. This 3,200 km long cable connects Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar and South Africa. With a capacity of 24 terabytes, it allows the three islands of the Indian Ocean to extend their Internet connections, improve redundancy in the event of failure, and ensure connectivity for up to 25 years.

Metiss is the project of six telecom operators in the Mauritius, Emal and CEB FiberNet region, Canal + from Reunion Island, SFR Réunion and Zeop, as well as Telma from Madagascar. The project is sponsored by the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC). In Mauritius, Metiss needs Emtel and CEB FiberNet to rely less on the South Africa Far East (SAFE) and Lower Indian Ocean Network (Lion) submarine fiber optic cables.

“Despite the difficulties associated with the Kovid-19 epidemic, the cable has been successfully installed in four areas. This required a high level of coordination and regional cooperation, and we are proud to produce the most advanced technology available to our country. With Métis, we continue to ride the wave of innovation and keep our promise to offer Mauritius products that bring them more freedom and satisfaction, changing their lives. This submarine cable provides a long-awaited option for the country and the ability to remain connected to the world at all times, ”said Krish Goomani, chief executive officer (CEO) of Amtel.

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“CEB FiberNet is a subsidiary of CEB, which aims to serve operators and Internet service providers in Mauritius with high-speed connectivity solutions. I am glad that the Métis project is finally a reality. This cable is a strategic asset for Mauritius and the region. Its open access concept is part of our approach to national fiber optic infrastructure, so that all economic players are equipped with the state-of-the-art of secure communication tools and technology ”, comments, Vikram Ramgolam, business development executive of CEB FiberNet.

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