iPhone 12S may come with a bigger screen. Cellphone

iPhone 12S may come with a bigger screen.  Cellphone

The upcoming iPhone 12S should come with a larger screen. system of Facial recognition Next cell phone Apple Must undergo changes that allow Footboard Smaller, freeing up more space at the top of the screen. The expectation is that the design of the smartphone should be the same iphone 12 , But with less clipping. Information received from the portal Points.

Speculation suggests that harvest equipment of 2021 may still arrive Scanner LiDAR I Optical image stabilization, In addition to opening wider lenses The cameras behind.

iPhone 12S may come with a lower note – Photo: Theses Veloso / TechTudo

Currently, the rungs Iphone Many sensors and receivers. The Face id, For example, uses three modules, an infrared camera, an infrared emitter, and a Dot projector, Which reads the projected pattern on the user’s face.

To reduce clipping of the iPhone 13 – or iPhone 12S, as it should be called – Apple is likely to integrate these three components into a single module, reducing the size of the sensor. The set will act as a LiDAR sensor, which will be present behind the models iphone 12 pro I iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Sensor in iPhone notch – Photo: reproduction / 9To5Mac

According to rumors, the iPhone 12S notch should be reduced in height, ie vertical size, but the length should remain the same. The new Face ID camera module is expected to be supplied by South Korea-based Foxconn and LG Innotech, while the front camera module is expected to come from O-Film. All iPhone 12S models are expected to bring this change.

Another speculation concerns the improvement of rear cameras. The Opening up Of the lens Ultra wide The iPhone 12 should go from f / 1.8 to f / 1.8. This change would allow twice as much light to allow for sharper and cleaner photos in low-light environments.

It is also expected that the entire line of iPhone 12S will feature LiDAR scanners, not just the Pro model. In addition, they can change the number of elements in the rear lens box, which should increase from five to six. Apple aims to reduce image distortion, especially in wide-angle lenses.

All models of iPhone 12S should have LiDAR sensor – Photo: Reproduction / Apple

It is also expected that Wide Angle will come with autofocus for the first time. Current lenses have a fixed focus and this change can be useful for images taken at close distances.

Optical image stabilization (OIS) should also be present in all new models. Sensor shift stabilization technology today is unique to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, a feature that reduces the risk of blurry or blurry photos.

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This is not the first time that the rumors point to a small notch on the iPhone. Apple uses the same screen clipping size, since iphone x, Released in 2017.

For the arrival of the iPhone 12, the Apple brand was expected Reduce the size of the facial recognition sensor To take up less space, which did not happen. Now, it may be that the company headed Tim Cook Leave this feature for the 2021 model.

Taking information from MacRumors I 9To5Mac

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