iPhone reset after theft can be tracked; The feature is on iOS 15. Cell

iPhone reset after theft can be tracked;  The feature is on iOS 15.  Cell

Optimized space now depends on the fact that the device is not completely off, but is in a low power state. In the case of phones that are reset to factory settings, it is worth noting that they will not have any interruptions in tracking when Activation Lock is enabled.

The location is done by the Find My app, which broadcasts Bluetooth to other nearby iOS devices to send the exact location of a lost or stolen iPhone. The operation is similar to the newly launched tracker airtagwhat do you use bluetooth, UWB and also NFC To find the location of the monitored object.

For example, with the new settings, it is possible to find the device even after it has been unloaded. In case of theft, when it is common not only to intentionally turn off but also to reset a cell phone, recovery is still allowed with the existing features enabled by Find My.

Apple has joined the dialogue as a way to notify users on first contact with iOS 15 about the new low-power operation. Although it is more effective in terms of tracking, it is possible to disable this specific Find My function in the settings.

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