iPhone with USB-C: Engineer could replace Lightning input

iPhone with USB-C: Engineer could replace Lightning input

a Apple The iPhone’s Lightning connector hasn’t been converted to the USB-C standard yet, though this time around. maybe it’s close For regulatory issues in Europe.

While the time has not come, an engineer who is a fan of Apple and home projects decided to make his own modifications to his cell phone. In a short video on his YouTube channel, Kenny P quickly shows how to change iphone x so that it receives USB-C input.

The process began to be planned in May 2021, and it didn’t seem easy: He had to use back-up engineering on the C94 connector, which Apple owns, and build his own printed circuit for the inputs. Then they did the “operations” themselves to move the components and get the device working.

According to youtuber, the model works perfectly, including recharging and data transfer. Kenny is not very active on his channel, but he goes into detail about the projects on your blog He is currently pursuing his Masters in Robotics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

For now, the schematic is only published in shorts format of less than 50 seconds in duration, but full videos with detailed procedures are expected to be posted soon.

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