Iran: Zarif says ready to make nuclear deal with America. World – Latest World News

Iran: Zarif says ready to make nuclear deal with America.  World - Latest World News

Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, said on Monday, 1, that Iran is ready to fulfill its share in a nuclear deal, and that it also depends on the United States to commit to its part in the agreement . According to Zarif, the European Union (EU) “bridge” to resolve the EU’s high representative, Josep Borel, as the man capable of initiating the movements that favored moving forward for the deal. Can offer And empowered to “seek joint commitment”. For the minister, “If the United States stops pressuring Iran’s economy, we will return to full compliance”. The statements were made in an interview with C.n.n..

“Time is not an issue, but whether the new administration wants to follow in the footsteps of the last one,” he said, calling for a commitment from Biden’s government. When asked about Iran’s decision to enrich uranium, Zarif said it was “not a violation of our part of the agreement, but the commitment is declining”. “There is a simple way to solve the problem, returning to compliance before the United States day” is set for resumption of enrichment, suggesting a recurrence of the issue.

On demands that could bring about a new deal, such as Iran’s commitment to reduce its missile operations, which have increased since the previous deal, Zarif claimed the deal was limited to nuclear issues. “Is the United States committed to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia?” He raised a number of questions on issues opposing the two countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi military action in Yemen.

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