Is it right to change your mobile battery? Does it affect performance?

¿Es bueno cambiar la batería de tu móvil? ¿Afecta al rendimiento?

your battery Mobile Is this giving you trouble? Doesn’t it stay the same? cells in months Smartphone battery getting worse. For 1 or 2 year old mobile a. easy to get Autonomy 30 or 40% less for the original, because of all Battery. The fall reduces the capacity and therefore remains low under full load. Today we tell you if it’s good replace your mobile battery And what details should you keep in mind while doing it.

Change mobile battery yes or no?

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Of course the answer is yes. It is always good to replace any component causing the problem Or that affects the performance of your device. The question is whether it is worth it or not. If you have a smartphone from 4 or 5 years ago and the cost of replacing the module is 100 euros / dollars, then replacing the battery may not be interesting.

If this is a high-end smartphone from a few years back, it’s probably a smart move. Of course, as long as you’ve seen a battery capacity drop And the battery lasts very little. If its erosion is not noticeable, replacement may not be as beneficial.

change battery in mobile With a few years of life this is almost always a positive thing especially if the performance of the device and its various key aspects are still good enough for your use. NS autonomy This is one of the main reasons why users switch mobiles, so repurposing this component can give you another year or two of use without spending a lot.

Be very careful where you change the battery or where you buy it

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In 95% of today’s smartphones. There is no removable back cover for replace battery easily. The most common thing is that you need tools, a suction cup and some knowledge to take apart your mobile and replace battery. If you’re willing to do it, we have a recommendation for you: don’t buy battery cells anywhere.

With a simple search in Google, dozens of stores will appear in which you can buy batteries for your mobile. You should be very careful with absurd offers or extremely low prices: they are usually Fake or Compatible Battery with very little capacity.

If your mobile originally had a capacity of 4,000 mAh You should buy a battery of that capacity And get away with extremely low prices. It is one of the most delicate components of your smartphone and buying a poor quality smartphone can be very expensive or may not have increased autonomy. If you can buy it original, all the better, they are not too expensive.

If, on the other hand, you are going to take the device to a technical service, you should also be careful. These services often tell you that they will replace components for the original components and in the end they don’t. They save money and include cheap compatible components Chinese brand of dubious quality.

You should check which battery is being replaced and that the repair service is quality. it can be including a low capacity battery And that its replacement does not offer you increased autonomy.

It will be a bit more expensive if you get the device repaired at an official service, but you will be sure that the device has one. With new original battery and original capacity.

If you have a relatively old mobile with a battery in bad condition or with an autonomy that is no longer original, we recommend that you ask for the budget to replace it, because less than 50 euro/dollar can solve the problem Autonomy for another long time.

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