Is profit sharing (PLR) declared in IR 2021?

Is profit sharing (PLR) declared in IR 2021?

Did the company distribute employee benefit sharing (PLR) to employees last year?

The amount received as PLR cannot be added to wages alone. In a specific form of declaration of, it should be communicated separately Income tax.

The PLR ​​should be included in the income statement provided by the company. If the value is not broken there, ask the HR of the company to correct the document.

Any PLR value must be declared. See below how to do this.

How to notify PLR in declaration

The amount received from the PLR ​​should be declared as “Income under Special / Fixed Taxation”.

Locate this form in the menu on the left side of the program screen filling the declaration.

Under “Income Type”, choose the code “11 – Profit Sharing or Results”.

Then, inform if the income (holder) was paid for one of your dependents.

Fill in the name of the company responsible for the payment of CNRJ and PLR.

Enter the amount stated in the earnings report provided by the company.

Click “OK” to fill the form.

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