Israel relaxed imprisonment starting Sunday. world

Israel It will progressively suspend one-month imprisonment starting on Sunday, but international flights will remain suspended until February 20, the government said Friday (5).

The country has already made stringent arrangements on four occasions and has embarked on an ambitious vaccination campaign since December, with 3.3 million people receiving at least one of the two doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine.

However, despite the restrictions, January was the deadliest month of the epidemic, with more than 1,000 deaths.

According to the latest balance sheet by the Ministry of Health, the country of 9 million inhabitants recorded more than 675 thousand cases and 5,01,000 deaths. Israel continues to register about 6,500 new infections daily.

“The government has accepted the proposal of the Prime Minister and the Health Minister to relax the preventive measures starting on Sunday,” the head of the government’s office said in a statement released on Friday.

From Sunday, citizens will be able to travel more than a kilometer from their homes and some services such as hairdressers can reopen.

Parks and nature reserves will also reopen with restrictions and restaurants will be able to prepare food for the trip.

The government said that international flights to Ben Gurion International Airport, almost all of them have been suspended from 24 January and will not resume until 20 February.

Israel’s land borders will remain closed until further notice.

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