Istanbul Stray Dogs is the protagonist of a new documentary – 03/23/2021

Istanbul Stray Dogs is the protagonist of a new documentary - 03/23/2021

Zetin likes to roam the streets of Istanbul at night, easily befriends strangers, and Kartal lives on a construction site in the vibrant Turkish city.

The trio is the focus of the new documentary “Stray”, which portrays everyday life in Istanbul through the eyes of three dogs who roam its streets in search of food, roam the Bosphorus and one for women’s rights Let’s face the march.

Maverick (2021)

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Inspired by the pain of losing her childhood pet, Hong Kong-born director Elizabeth Low said she wanted to do a Movies Who was fascinated to learn more about dogs and a 2014 Turkish law that protects stray animals from cruelty and demands that they be treated well.

“I remember that when I … went to Istanbul and saw the way dogs live, it seemed that they were being taken care of communally and that they could have a fleeting friendship with everyone , I was really amazed by it, “he Reuters.

“I wanted to document it and see it for the rest of the world to ask us to reevaluate our relationship with other species and especially dogs.”

Lo found the film’s star, Zetin, in a tunnel where he saw her running after a group of young Syrian refugees, who are depicted in the documentary because of her relationship with the mutt.

“These were the things that really moved me,” he said.

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