It became known how to extend the life of the display in the Xiaomi smartphone

AMOLED-экран Xioami

AMOLED displays installed in smartphones from Xiaomi and sub-brands provide bright and rich color reproduction. The main competitive advantages of this class of screens include deep dark colors and the ability to be used under direct sunlight.

As you know, you have to pay for everything in life. AMOLED screens are no exception in this regard. Their main disadvantage is their short service life. With intensive use, the screen matrix can burn out in 12 months. To extend the life of the AMOLED screen of your Xiaomi smartphone, you need to follow the recommendations below.

adaptive brightness control

Over time, stationary objects displayed on the screen, such as the network signal strength and battery charge icon, begin to leave a loop on the screen. We are talking about a background glow that is clearly visible on light objects.

Burnout AMOLED-Matrix

Setting the minimum allowable time for the display to activate when the user is idle

This simple measure will reduce the overall active time of the AMOLED screen of the smartphone, which will have a positive effect on its lifespan.

Change lock screen and home screen themes from time to time

There are many static elements in any subject. Over time, they begin to “burn out” the matrix of the screen. Changing themes frequently will not cause burnout.

auto change wallpaper on home screen

This remedy is similar in its action to the previous one. It is designed to prevent “burnout” of the AMOLED matrix due to stationary objects.

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Sort and reposition labels

Unfortunately, application icons also refer to static images. Unlike the network signal strength and battery level icons, they can be randomly shuffled around the screen, changing their location.

Despite its simplicity, the above recommendations can increase the life of an AMOLED screen several times.

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