It was on Globonnews. by Kakayo

It was on Globonnews.  by Kakayo
Kake at Globonnews – Photo: Reproduction

The criminal lawyer Kake, Antonio Carlos de Almeida Castro, published a text about his participation in Globonnews Against Love Racism. Of last second.

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kake talks about globenews

A few days ago, I participated in a debate with a former member of the Curitiba Task Force on Operation Lava Jato, largely organized by the broadcaster. Initially, I said that former judge Sergio Moro was the head of the group, the coordinator of the prosecutors. Something immoral, illegal and which proves our thesis that he manipulated the judiciary and the public ministry.

After the consent, judging by the silence of my interlocutor, I no longer worried about him. I fixed on his boss. It was surprising to see the former prosecutor defending that Sergio Moro had been betrayed by Bolsonaro and, therefore, accepted to be Minister of Justice in the fascist government.

Could it be that the lust for power is such that the former magistrate with his famous and sophisticated anti-corruption experience could not see that he supported a corrupt person? Didn’t you notice the simple and accessible fact that you were supporting a vocal militia? Could it be that to the former judge, with all the privileged information, he always had no information about the President of the family of the Republic? Never heard of the famous cracks?

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How to imagine a veteran former criminal judge who has sold himself as a fighter against corruption – his only false flag – subjecting himself to being the Minister of Justice of a corrupt administration? Did that shrewd former judge not notice the countless irregularities of the group that supported the government he helped elect? Don’t you find strange the inexplicable prosperity of your former boss and family? So he, so sensible and stern with fanciful tales, now bares the apartment in Guaruja and the farm in Atibia?

There should be a limit to being a hypocrite, otherwise you will end up looking ridiculous. This former judge, still wearing a gown over his shoulders, accepted to be Minister of Justice in the government, helping his main opponent in the election by arresting him. The sacred toga, a symbol of freedom and fairness, was insulted by him. He slapped the judiciary for unnecessarily exposing thousands of serious and honorable judges present across the country.

How can there be people who believe in this fake anti-corruption narrative by a former judge? As a judge, he used an iron fist to chase politicians for dirty money. However, as Minister of Justice, he declared “personal confidence” in his fellow minister, Onyx Lorenzoni, who had assumed that he had created a slush fund, but should be forgiven,” as he apologized. And sorry”. He invented a new way to eliminate punishment: cronyism.

A minister who lived for more than a year with countless irregularities committed by his boss, the president, without taking any action, committed a crime of prejudice posing as a serial killer. And he left the government only because of a power struggle after a period of deep-frying and countless public humiliations promoted by Pocket Group.

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In fact, anyone who has known the former judge knows exactly how he acts and it was no surprise. If he and the group of prosecutors coordinated, there was intellectual coherence, when the episode of accepting public office in exchange for removing the main adversary from the election—which was in the first place—prosecutors would have called for his arrest and decided that Maybe he himself will be arrested. After all, for very little, he arrested dozens of people.

The unbridled pursuit of power at any cost blinded the former judge and his gang. What is incomprehensible is that this sale blinds even the thousands of Brazilians who still believe in it.

The false and moral anti-corruption speech does not expose them to ridicule anymore because they have no idea what it is to be ridiculous. Recall the incident of leaking of talks of former President to serve personal interests. When it was revealed that the former judge had publicized the audios, he defended himself, arguing that what was relevant was the content of the conversations, not the way they were received.

However, when a hacker’s actions – Holy Hacker – were caught in criminal conversations with prosecutors, he refused to confront the material, defended himself in the manner of obtaining the conversation, and no longer defended the legality of the material. Did.

It is the quest for power at any cost. Now, we can only hope that the Brazilians have the eyes to see that the statue’s feet are of clay and that the king is naked.

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I remind everyone of the magician Mia Kuto, in the poem Seigo:

“The blind is the one who closes his eyes and sees nothing.
Eyelids are closed, I can see the light. Like someone is looking at the sky from the front.
Some call the darkness the twilight of the inner Sun.
Blind is he who opens his eyes only when he contemplates himself.”

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