ITA unveils cheaper iPhones during Customer Day

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hey “iPhone Forever” program, from Itaú Unibanco, this Wednesday (the 15th) there will be discounts of up to 20% on all iPhone models marketed by the project, the day after its launch iPhone 13. The promotion, which will take place over 24 hours or until stocks run out, is part of the Customer Day celebrations.

During the offer, according to the bank, versions of Apple’s smartphones will be available without interest with monthly installments starting at R$114.50. Purchases may be made on the App of Ita, Itaa Personality, Itacard or Credicard by the Customers of the Society within the “Services” tab.

In the “iPhone Forever” section, you can find iphone on sale And choose the desired model by paying in 21 installments on your credit card. After 21 months, the buyer will have paid about 70% of the value of the cell phone and will be able to choose what to do with it.

The latest generation iPhones are the most sought after in the program.The latest generation iPhones are the most sought after in the program.Source: unsplash

One of the possibilities is to replace the model in use after this period for a newer version, opening a new financing cycle (in this case, the remaining 30% need not be paid). You can still keep your iPhone by paying the last 30% installment or return it to the bank and exit the program (here, the last installment is cancelled).

Find latest generation models

Since the iPhone Para Semper was released in 2020, around 100,000 cell phones have been sold through this project. most sales. comes from Latest Model, which are usually the first to run out, a trend that will likely be sustained in this edition of “iPhone Day”, as foretold by Fernando Amaral, director of Itas Unibanco.

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The bank emphasizes that each customer can purchase a maximum of five iPhones in his CPF in the program, one purchase at a time. Another requirement is to provide a limit on the card to cover the total purchase amount.

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