Italy reopens bars, restaurants, cinema and museums; The government announced a € 222 billion plan. world

Italy reopens bars, restaurants, cinema and museums;  The government announced a € 222 billion plan.  world

Bars, restaurants, cinemas, museums and concert halls reopen in Italy as of Monday (26), and The government introduced 222 billion euros (over 1.4 billion dollars) plan to stimulate the economy.

After months of restriction in the country, due to the high level of deaths by Kovid-19, The population expects that the reopening will be irreversible and will represent the beginning of a normal life.

Closed six months ago, theaters took advantage of the reopening. Beltrade Cinema opened its doors at 6 am in Milan for an unprecedented screening for 82 people.

Cafeterias and restaurants may open for lunch and dinner, but Only in the outlying areas and till the curfew starts at 10 pm.

Approximately 140,000 commercial establishments have been allowed to reopen in most of the 20 Italian territories.

People had lunch at a restaurant on the Navigali Canal in Milan, the day most of Italy moved into the ‘Yellow Zone’ of sanctions against Kovid-19 on Monday (26) – Photo: Flavio Lo Scalajo / Reuters

“I am very keen to feel the audience in a concert hall,” conductor Antonio Pappano, who will lead a presentation this Monday by the Santa Cecilia Orchestra at an auditorium in Rome.

a Italy It is one of the countries most affected by the new coronovirus in the world, with more than 119 thousand deaths and 3.9 million confirmed cases.

‘Calculated risk’ on reopening

Curfew, which can be prolonged during the hottest months of July and August, is a remedy that causes the most discord in the country.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has respected the advice of experts and scientists, who suggest measures to prevent contagion, hospitalization, and deaths.

During a news conference in Rome, Italian Prime Minister Mario Pulled – Photo: Yara Nardi / via Pool Reuters

But Matteo Salvini, the government’s uneasy ally, is insisting on reopening everything and ending the restrictions.

An economist and former chairman of the European Central Bank (ECB), Puli became prime minister in February and said he took a “calculated risk” with the economy reopening.

The Prime Minister also said The measure will depend on respect for the security protocol and the progress of the vaccination campaign in the country..

With 60 million inhabitants, the Italy So far 17.4 million vaccines have been applied against Kovid-19 (equivalent to 28.9 doses per 100 inhabitants).

Vaccination in the country is on average European Union (28.9) and is close to the level of Germany (29,6) E France (2 (.2), ​​but far behind Israel (120), Chile (73), America (67) E The uk (६ 67).

On the other hand, it is way ahead of countries like Brazil (17 doses applied per 100 inhabitants), China (15), Russia (12) E India (10) and world average (13) as well.

€ 222 billion package

With the reopening, the Italian government announced plans to raise 222 billion euros (more than R $ 1.4 billion) to stimulate the economy.

The eurozone’s third-largest economy lost one million jobs in 2020 and its GDP fell by 8.9%.

About 192 billion euros (more than R $ 1.2 billion) will come from a European fund and the rest (about R $ 200 billion) from the country’s own resources.

To receive the funds, the Italian government had to prepare a detailed spending plan, which would be tabled in Parliament this Monday (26) and sent to the European Union by Friday (30).

The priorities are the renovation of a large part of the infrastructure, including the renovation and construction of railways, roads and ports.

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