Itamarti reacts to US speech about Bolsonaro in Russia

Itamarti reacts to US speech about Bolsonaro in Russia

The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during a statement to the press

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hey foreign Ministry Expressing regret, in a note issued this Saturday, the 19th, statement made by a White House spokeswoman regarding the President’s remarks. Jair Bolsonaro on a visit to RussiaThis week, at a time of tension between the West and that country over the prospect of an invasion of Ukraine.

“The State Department regrets the contents of the White House spokesperson’s statement regarding the statement made by the President of the Republic on the occasion of his visit to Russia,” the ministry said in the note.

“Brazil’s position on the situation in Ukraine is clear, public and has been repeatedly communicated to the friendly authorities and expressed within the scope of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not consider this constructive, nor It is only useful, therefore, for similar extrapolations with respect to the President’s speech”, concludes Itamarti’s statement.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Friday that Brazil could be on the other side of the global community.

“The vast majority of the global community is united in their shared view that attacking another country, trying to take some of its land, terrorizing its people is certainly not in line with global values, so I think Brazil on the other hand.” Maybe that’s where the global community is,” Saki said at a briefing, asked about Bolsonaro’s visit.

The day before, it was the turn of the US State Department to criticize the visit of the President of Brazil, through a statement that said a “false narrative” had been created that the US government wanted Brazil to be a link between the USA and the US. Trying to choose a side. Russia.

“Not so. This is the case of Brazil, as a major country, to ignore an armed aggression by a larger power against a smaller neighboring country, a stance inconsistent with Brazil’s historical emphasis on peace and diplomacy. ” , said the statement.

“The time for the President of Brazil to express solidarity with Russia, as the Russian military prepares to launch attacks on Ukrainian cities, could not be worse,” he said. “It undermines international diplomacy aimed at avoiding a strategic and humanitarian disaster, as well as Brazil’s own call for a peaceful resolution of the crisis.”

During a meeting with Putin on Wednesday, Bolsonaro said Brazil was “in solidarity with Russia”.

Then, in a statement to the press, accompanied by the Russian president, he made an adjustment: “We are in solidarity with all countries that seek and are committed to peace.”

But this did not stop criticism from the Americans.

On Friday, in a live broadcast on social media, Bolsonaro sought to downplay the viewpoint of Brazil’s support for Russia on the Ukrainian issue, however, without making any reference to US criticism.

“I sent a message of peace, we didn’t go to anyone’s side, okay… some took the side that I’m supporting A, B, or C,” Bolsonaro said in live.

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