It’s gone! Whatsapp released a new look for the app and impressed

It’s gone!  Whatsapp released a new look for the app and impressed

Attention, Brazilians! If you’re not already aware, a new function is being tested in the beta version WhatsApp, The new service is called Contact Card, which is located in the conversation window, where it has a photo and four other icons.

Thus, with the update, the fonts and the text of the icons also changed.

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In addition, the “Security” option in Settings also received an image update. In addition, in the “English” version of Messenger, the slider on security notifications has been simplified to make everything more simple. Also, since this is just an experimental suggestion, it is possible that the text will be changed in the future.

It’s worth mentioning that other configuration options in the “Account” menu, such as two-step verification, changing the number, requesting account data, and deleting my account, also underwent a visual update. This is all to make the application with a uniform design.

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Amendment . are available in the latest version of whatsapp beta for Android. However, there is still no set date for users of the traditional version of Messenger to receive the new icons. Even iOS should have access to the new images next week.

Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on his official profile the release of end-to-end encryption on backups stored in the cloud. Earlier, users had access to Google Drive and iCloud to chat and check files that were already on balance. Now, you need to create a new custom password to verify the content you have added to the cloud.

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block contacts or strangers

hey WhatsApp It is the most used instant messaging platform in Brazil. Due to its popularity, it is often regarded by companies as a means of customer service and for other citizens, as a means of contact with family and friends.

However, from time to time some obnoxious content or even inconsistent users are circulated on the platform, harassing or harassing other users. In these cases, blocking is likely.

Blocking prevents an inconvenient user from sending messages and gaining access to their content, including status, profile picture, last seen, messages, among others. In this way alternatives are a great solution to the problem.

How to Block Phonebook Contacts on Android?

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots (MENU);
  2. go to the settings and select the “Account” option;
  3. Then tap “Privacy” and then “Blocked Contacts”;
  4. Once this is done, click on the + icon to add the bad contact to the list;
  5. Select the contacts you want to block and that’s it!

How to block strangers on Android?

To block a contact that isn’t saved to your phone:

  1. Open conversation on WhatsApp with unknown contact;
  2. On the Notifications tab, slide the screen until you find the “Block” option;
  3. Select the option and exit the steps indicated.

How to block a contact on iPhone?

The steps are the same as on Android:

  1. go to “Settings”;
  2. Then select the “Account” tab, and then “Privacy”;
  3. Find the “Blocked” option and tap on “Add New”.

There is another option:

  1. Join conversations with unknown contacts or by phone;
  2. Press data on the contact’s name/phone number and wait for a new screen to open;
  3. Once this is done, slide up the screen and enter the “Block Contacts” option.

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