‘It’s pointless to invest in bitcoin right now’: Twitter CFO

'It's pointless to invest in bitcoin right now': Twitter CFO
Important facts:
  • CFO Sehgal said he prefers less volatile assets.

  • Twitter has integrated bitcoin into various functions of the social network.

Twitter’s CFO Ned Segal assured that he would not invest the company’s cash in bitcoin (BTC).

According to the executive, doing so “makes no sense at the moment”, because They have to change their investment policy, and thus choose “own assets that are more volatile”.

He also indicated that Twitter prefers to have less volatile assets in its balance, in present, Have assets such as cash, trade receivables, and short-term investments,

“If we keep cryptocurrencies on our balance sheets, we have to make a different set of decisions,” said Segal al periodico The Wall Street Journal.

Seagull position. towards Bitcoin, unlike Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a recognized leading cryptocurrency maximalist.

recently, Dorsey revealed that experimenting with digital mining, Specifically, you are mining with Compass Mining, a service that hosts, supplies and operates cryptocurrency mining equipment for individuals.

Caption: Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey wants to make bitcoin accessible to everyone. Source: youtube

co-founder of twitter Confirmed He Bitcoin Has the Potential to Create a New Financial Infrastructure, more inclusive and comprehensive, suitable for communities neglected by the traditional financial system, as reported by Cryptonoticious.

Twitter integrates bitcoin on its platform

Although Twitter does not want bitcoin on its balance sheet, If you use cryptocurrency in the operation of a social network,

Since last September, cryptonoticious informed of That you can send and receive bitcoins around the world through integration with the Strike app. The new mode is only available on Apple’s iOS operating system.

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Additionally, Twitter advertisement This month a new team of specialized developers formed to explore the space of decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies.

The company said they are evaluating ways to incorporate decentralized technologies into their products and infrastructure. Short-term projects will have a payment system that allows content creators to receive cryptocurrency.

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