Japanese make mask that glows when user has COVID-19

Filtro especial dentro da máscara pode ajudar a identificar a Covid-19

Japanese scientists have created a prototype of a mask that glows when the wearer is near COVID-19, Still in the testing phase, the item under development will help identify asymptomatic patients, apart from avoiding invasive tests like PCR.

The mask has a removable filter that, when exposed to a COVID antibody spray made from ostrich eggs, can show in black light whether the wearer has the disease.

According to the Fast Company website, Japanese scientists, led by Yasuhiro Tsukamoto, are developing a second version of the mask that does not require black light and could help popularize the item, in addition to matters for the population. Makes it easy to identify. Disease.

“We can mass-produce ostrich antibodies at low cost. In the future, I want to make this a test kit that everyone can use,” Tsukamoto told Kyodo News in an interview.

Large US universities such as MIT and Harvard have also developed too expensive Which can detect patients of Kovid-19. The devices may go on sale soon.

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