Jim Ryan says he’s “disappointed” that PlayStation games can’t reach more players

Jim Ryan says he's "disappointed" that PlayStation games can't reach more players

Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan said he is disappointed with how original PlayStation games are “closed” to the millions of gamers in their current console model audience.

speaking in a lecture during GI Live: London (Via VGC), the PlayStation boss said it aspires to reach hundreds of millions of gamers and compete with access to movies and music.

“I hope that the PlayStation 5 (and I really believe in it) is Sony’s biggest, best and most loved PlayStation ever. I hope so,” Ryan said for the foreseeable future. Asked about his hopes, he said.

“I would also like to see a world where we can enjoy games made for PlayStation by millions of people. Maybe millions of people. At this point in time, the success with the current console model, a great PlayStation success, you can do this with 10 or 20 million people. Talking about being able to play the game.”

He continued: “We’re talking more about sports than music, we’re talking more about sports than movies. Music and movies can be enjoyed by an almost limitless audience. And I think The art that our studios are doing is some of the best entertainment created anywhere in the world.”

“And protecting the audience for the wonderful art, our studios that are doing amazing entertainment… Blocking the audience to 20 or 30 million frustrates me. I would love to see a world where millions of people enjoy these games. can pick up.”

In case you missed it, there was a lecture given by us at the same event Jade Raymond, who talked about his game at Heaven Studios for PlayStation.

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