Joe Biden Includes Barack Obama Administration Veterans in Top Staff – Presidential Election for Us

Joe Biden Includes Barack Obama Administration Veterans in Top Staff – Presidential Election for Us

The president-elect Biden is adding four former senior members of the Obama-Biden administration to their top positions as they continue to build their White House team.

Kathy Russell, Jill Biden’s chief of staff during the Obama administration, will serve as director of the White House Office of Presidential Personnel and evaluate applicants for administration roles. Louisa Terrell, who has served as the president’s legislative adviser in the Obama administration and as Biden’s deputy chief of staff in the Senate, will be the director of the White House Legislative Affairs. Terrell is already involved in the Capitol Hill area as part of Biden’s replacement team.

Carlos Alejandro, Jill Biden’s social worker during the Obama administration, will repeat his role and serve as social secretary for the upcoming First Lady Night. And Mala Adiga will serve as her policy director. Her role indicates what Biden might first focus on – Adiga previously served as director of higher education and military families at the Biden Foundation, and advised Biden on policy during the Obama administration.

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The announcements come just days after Biden announced the first major round of White House top staff, including the appointment of his current campaign manager, Jane O’Malley Dillon, the appointment of Deputy Staff Staff and the campaign. Co-chair Rip. Cedric Richmond as director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. Last weekend, he announced that longtime aide Ron Klein would be his chief of staff.

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While the new hires give the White House the feeling that Biden is starting construction, he still has to hire someone to fill the role of Covid-19 coordinator, which Klein announced this week, or names of individuals. The key is for communication roles. His team has thousands of other staff-level roles to take over from administration in January, and they are currently reviewing applications and reaching out to potential candidates for key roles.

Biden has indicated that he plans to hold and announce some of his cabinet elections around Thanksgiving, and said on Thursday that he has already made his decision to become Treasury Secretary.

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