Joe Biden to get coronavirus vaccine live on TV on Monday US News

Joe Biden Will receive the first dose Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine Such vaccines are safe, given public officials’ efforts to show the American people on live television on Monday. Also on Monday, the first shot Modern The vaccine will be given, which gives new hope to a nation with more coronavirus deaths and cases than any other nation.

Covid-19 has killed at least 317,684 people in the US and infected about 17.9 million, according to Johns Hopkins University. Data. The same source reported 189,099 new cases and 1,509 deaths on Sunday, both figures falling to record highs last week but for weekdays, when the number is generally lower.

The Covid Tracking Project Said 113,633 people are hospitalized, another small drop. The capacity of hospitals and intensive care in the states across the country is under intense pressure.

The first shot of the Moderna vaccine, which requires two doses similar to the Pfizer-Biotech shot but is easier to store, was packaged and shipped from Tennessee on Sunday.

“I don’t want to cross the line, but I want to make sure we show the American people that it’s safe to take,” the president-elect said. His press secretary said he and his wife, Jill, were also expected to thank for the healthcare facilities they receive.

America’s top politicians – including Mike Pence, Vice President, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the Democratic House, and Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Majority Leader – Receives doses Friday, putting them among the first Americans to receive the vaccine. By making their vaccines public, and showing no response, they hope to stem the tide of skepticism about vaccine safety and efficacy. Crazy Harris, Is elected vice president, and her husband is ready to take his first dose next week.

Given the latest data on US attitudes toward Covid-19 vaccines, such efforts to demonstrate immunization are safer and increasingly important. While half of Americans said they would be vaccinated, A.S. The latest poll, A quarter of adults said they would not do so, while another quarter said they were not convinced.

Is an expert Said That “discount from the herd” – when the entire population is mostly discounted because it is a significant part of it – will be seen when 60% to 70% reach some level of discount. Therefore, convincing more Americans that the vaccine is safe could dramatically impact efforts to stem the spread of Kovid-19.

In particular, Donald Trump is absent from these public campaigns. He has been out of the limelight most of the time, while Biden continues to lament his losses – and weighs in on his long-running efforts to stay in power. Trump, who has misrepresented vaccine safety, did not say when he would receive his first dose.

Earlier in December, Trump said on Twitter that he was not “determined” to achieve this, but was “ready to do so at the right time.” White House officials have claimed that Trump is talking to his doctors about time.

In October, Trump was hospitalized with coronavirus. He attributed his rapid recovery to experimental monoclonal antibody treatment. The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people who have received such treatment should not be vaccinated for at least 90 days to prevent any possible interference.

“When the time is right, I’m sure they’ll be ready to take it,” White House spokesman Brian Morgastern said Friday. “That’s what we’re working on.”

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In a separate statement, White House Press Secretary Callahan McNaney told reporters that “part of Trump’s wait is to show Americans that our priorities are the weakest.”

“The president wants to send a parallel message, you know, the residents of our long-term care facility and our frontline staff are important, and they want to set an example.”

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This situation differs from other experts, including the top US infectious disease specialist Dr. There is also Anthony Fossey.

“Although the president himself was infected, and he has, presumably, antibodies that are potentially protective, we’re not sure how long that protection will last. So, to be doubly sure, I would recommend them get vaccinated, ”Fossey told ABC.

Monsef Slaui, who heads the federal vaccination program, told CNN that the vaccine is safe for people who have recovered from the coronavirus and offers stronger and possibly longer protection than previous infections.

“We know that the infection does not cause too many immune reactions and it decreases over time,” he said. “So I think, as a precaution, it’s appropriate to be vaccinated because it’s safe. I think people should be vaccinated, really. ”

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