Joe Rogan takes a stand against the presence of a trans swimmer in competitions – 04/05/2022

Joe Rogan takes a stand against the presence of a trans swimmer in competitions – 04/05/2022

It is not today that Joe Rogan is in controversy. Recently, the UFC comedian and commentator who owns one of the world’s most famous podcasts was accused of spreading misinformation about topics like COVID-19 and racism. Now, the professional has publicly taken a stand against the presence of Liya Thomas, a transgender swimmer, in women’s competitions.

On her podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, American called it unfair that Lia competed with cisgender women. Outraged, the comedian says such permission is a serious blow to the women’s game and undermines the credibility of the sport. The athlete began gender reassignment in 2019 and underwent hormone therapy to suppress the testosterone in her body.

Therefore, the NCAA (the entity that governs college sports in the United States) declared Lia qualified to compete in the women’s events at the University of Pennsylvania. She also became the first transgender athlete to win an NCAA title. According to Rogan, Lia stood out because of a natural advantage, as her body had developed like a man before the infection. As he considered such an act illegal, UFC commentators protested the legality of the swimmer’s victory.

“What’s happening now is an attack on the women’s game. The idea that one would think it’s fair that someone who was number 462 as a man in the country, a year later as a woman Being united. Women are so frustrated and parents. If your daughter is competing and they’re competing against a trans woman, that’s not fair. It’s not fair. No matter what anyone says It’s interesting, because in virtually every other aspect of society it gets trans and changes its name. We all accept it. Where people have the most stamina is sports. Athletic competition. That’s where the real There’s a reaction. Where people are like, ‘Hey, what a f*** this is. “It’s not fair. This is clearly not fair.’ There’s a reason to differentiate between men’s and women’s sports.”

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It is worth noting that Joe Rogan also took a stand against the presence of Fallen Fox in women’s MMA for the same reason. As he was born a man, the comedian said the athlete has become too strong to compete with cisgender women. In fact, in one of the fights he played, the fighter broke his opponent’s skull.

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