Stephen Curry and WNBA players won the award for the fight for social justice. NBA

Stephen Curry and WNBA players won the award for the fight for social justice.  NBA

Stephen Curry, the star of the Golden State Warriors, received the Jackie Robinson Award on Friday, an honor for the United States’ oldest civil rights organization, the National Association of the Progress of People of Color (NAACP). And for the first time, the NAACP welcomed a group of people. WNBA players were also honored. Basketball stars have been recognized for fighting for social justice and civil rights.

Stephen Curry receives an award for social action outside the court – Photo: Garrett Ellwood / NBAT via Getty Image

A two-time NBA MVP, Curry was honored for his off-court action for women’s causes, campaigns for social justice, and action to fight coronovirus. Since the onset of the epidemic, the player has started telling his fans about the risks of the new virus, including an interview with Doctor Anthony Fauci. He even summoned a nurse fan to assist on the front line to fight the coronavirus.

– This award is truly an experience of humility and respect. When you do things in the community and talk about things you believe in, it was surprising, it’s about collective effort, not only me, but everyone around me to change About the responsibility of. You don’t really do it for recognition, it’s more for the work you’re doing, it’s a great opportunity to continue talking about the things that are honoring Jackie Robinson’s legacy and that Stood for the change he was capable of. Was able to create and break those barriers and continue those conversations – Curry told the news agency “AP”.

Robinson MLB, playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers between 1947 and 1956, was the first black man to play in the American Baseball League. He not only opened doors for blacks in sports and broke racial barriers.

WNBA players protest a unified racism – Photo: Breeding Instagram

The American Association of Basketball Players (PWNBA) received the Jackie Robinson Award, representing all women players. In his message of support for “Black Lives Latter”, he was welcomed for activism in a unified movement to kneel during the American anthem. He also protested the police shooting in August 2020 that injured Jacob Blake.

– I am very proud of the WNBA players for this worthy recognition of their continued activism and advocacy for social justice and equality. Their forums are bigger than basketball and are incredible role models for the next generation of athletes and leaders, “WNBA commissioner, Kathy Engelbert,” AP “news agency reported.

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