Join Clash 3D and High Heels were the most downloaded mobile games of February, unofficial games

Join Clash 3D and High Heels were the most downloaded mobile games of February, unofficial games

In fourth place, is the return of an old favorite with battle Royale Of Garena free fire, While in the fifth comes the popular game of intrigue among us. According to a report by mobile consulting site Sensor Tower released last Friday (12), see the following leading titles in downloads in the App Store.

Combine Clash 3D and High Heels, the most downloaded games between Android and iPhone devices (iOS) – Photo: Playback / Sensor Tower

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The first place in the top 10 was well-divided. Join Clash 3D was the most downloaded on the Google Play Store, although High Heels took the first place on the App Store. Join Clash 3D, which has been successful since January, had approximately 27 million installations, with the majority coming from India (36.5%) and Brazil (6.5%). High Heels was a high jump hurdle game similar to Stack Colors, with 24.4 million downloads – 23.3% of installations coming from India and 20.3% from the United States.

The third place went to the punk girl Genius, a puzzle game in which it is necessary to think outside the box to solve challenges – similar Brain out, But with a narrative that accompanies the story of a woman.

One unexpected game on the list is Nair Ray (In) Carnation, a game based on the popular game series deny For consoles and PCs. It was released only in Japan and had enough downloads to reach tenth place on the App Store with nearly 4 million installations.

Another surprising thing was that Jinga Be the only company with two titles in the top 10 with High Heels and Blob Runner 3D. The company’s recent success is the result of the purchase of Rolick Games Studio, which specializes in mobile games. While High Heels topped the App Store with over 20 million downloads, Blob Runner 3D reached 14.2 million installations.

1. Join Clash 3D
2. high heels
3. Girl Talent
४. Garena free fire
5. among us
6. DOP 2
7. Phone Case DIY
8. Giant Rush
9. Water Sort Puzzle
10. Blob Runner 3D

1. high heels
2. Project Changes
3. Blob Runner 3D
४. PUBG Mobile
5. among us
६. Call of Duty: Mobile
९. subway Surfers
10. Neer Ray (Avatar)

1. Join Clash 3D
2. Girl Talent
3. high heels
४. Garena free fire
5. Dope 2
6. DIY Phone Case
7. Sculpture People
among us
9. Water Sort Puzzle
10. Giant Rush

Taking information from Sensor tower

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