Judge overturns Biden’s order to vaccinate federal employees

Equipe de Joe Biden acredita que medida não fere a Constituição dos EUA

A Texas judge on Friday overturned a nationwide order by US President Joe Biden that all Federal government employees are vaccinated against COVID-19,

Judge Jeffrey Brown, appointed by former President Donald Trump, said in a statement that the case is not about whether people should be immunized against Covid-19, as “the court believes they should.” “, nor about privileges. To demand the federal government so that its employees can be vaccinated.

“Rather, it is a question of whether the President, without the involvement of Congress and without the involvement of Congress, can afford to have millions of federal employees undergo a medical procedure as a condition of their employment,” Brown wrote.

In September last year, Biden ordered mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 for all federal government employees, affecting 2.1 million employees who had the option of not being vaccinated if they had regular Covid-19. was tested.

In the judge’s opinion, the US President’s order, “in the present state of the law, as recently expressed by the Supreme Court, goes too far.”

In this case, Brown is referring to last week’s decision by the nation’s Supreme Court that overturned Biden’s order that required vaccination or vaccinations. negative covid-19 test result Weekly for employees of all companies with 100 or more employees.

However, the Supreme Court gave its approval to another presidential order: to vaccinate the workers of more than 50,000 US health facilities that receive federal subsidies from Medicare and Medicaid programs and which employ about 17 million people. .

When asked about the Texas judge’s decision, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told a daily news conference that a “remarkable” 98% of federal workers are already immunized.

“We rely on our legal authority here,” Saki declared.

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