Jupiter’s great red spot star in the new Hubble scene of the planet’s crazy storm

Jupiter's great red spot star in the new Hubble scene of the planet's crazy storm

The Hubble Space Telescope saw this beautiful view of Jupiter and its moon Europa in August 2020.

NASA, ESA, a. Simon (NASA / GSFC), MH Wong (University of California, Berkeley) and the OPL team

Jupiter is nothing like Earth. The whirling, turbulent atmosphere of the gas giant is filled with wild storms. The planet’s colorful cloud bands stand out in a recent Hubble Space Telescope image obtained on August 25.

The view from 406 million miles (650 million kilometers) is crisp with beautiful crisps thanks to Hubble’s keen eye. The telescope is a joint project between NASA and European Space Agency.

Scientists are particularly excited about the new fast-moving storm that erupted in mid-August. It represents a bright white area on the upper left of the planet. Said NASA “Hubble’s observation period is perfect for depicting the scale of the disturbance during the early stages of its development.”

If you look closely, you can also see Jupiter’s adorable moon Europa in the dark on the left. NASA is evolving A mission to travel the icy worldThat could be one Prominent place to explore alien life.

Hubble’s Jupiter portrait highlights the planet’s most famous feature. “The major Great Red Spot, a hurricane large enough to engulf the Earth, shows that it is shrinking slightly in the Hubble imagery, but it still dominates the southern ocean environment, moving clouds like a cargo ship. Doing, ” Said NASA In a release on Thursday.

Research shows that the Great Red Spot is getting smaller, and the reason for the size change is unknown. Scientists still Hopefully it will hang for years, And hopefully for more Hubble portraits like this. The space telescope Saw this part of technical errors, But never surrendered.

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