Juventus director announces Diabala’s absence from starting XI for Champions League opener

Juventus director announces Diabala's absence from starting XI for Champions League opener

Reports claim that Argentina faced Fabio Paratisi in the tunnel after a recent match demanding answers about his lack of football.

Juventus sports director Fabio Paratisi has said that the constant absence of Paolo Diabala from the Italians’ first team lacks fitness.

Diabala has so far been limited to a single Supercopa advance in 2020-21, and was sent home early in Argentina’s World Cup qualifiers without taking part in any of the games due to stomach problems.

On Juve’s return, the forward found himself on the bench for a Serie A fight against Croton, where he could not enter action despite taking a 1-1 lead.

Following reports from Italy, it was claimed that Diabla suffered parody after the match, prompted by coach Andrea Pirlo’s refusal to replace him.

Argentina demanded a clear answer as to why he was being left out in the cold, although Pirlo confirmed after the match that he was not ready to play against Croton.

“I talked to him [Dybala] Tomorrow as I do with others. “He got a little angry for not playing in Crotone but we have to remember he hasn’t played for three months,” Pirlo told reporters. “In 10 days he took medicine in his room in Argentina because he could not train.

“I took him to Croton for a few minutes but unfortunately there were 10 of us left and I couldn’t include him. He is available and we will see what to do.

“It wasn’t the ideal game for him to pick up the minutes.”

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Diabala was once again on the bench as Juve kicked off his Champions League campaign outside Dynamo Kiev on Tuesday. Given, a decision that states that Paratyki is in perfect physical condition.

“Diabala is feeling better,” the director told reporters before the Group G opener. “He had an injury that kept him out for a few weeks, then spent 10 days in bed with international breaks and antibiotics because he had an intestinal virus. So, he couldn’t really train.”

Juventus have been part of Argentina’s set-up since leaving Palermo at the start of the 2015-16 international season. She has played a total of 228 matches for the Old Lady, scoring on 95 occasions.

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