K-Pop: 8 documentaries to get to know the genre better

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Very popular in recent years, k-pop Originally performed pop music South Korea, Relying on a variety of singers and bands, this world of possibilities has many companies guiding their artists into groups that have evolved over the years to eventually find their place in the sun.

What about getting to know a few documentaries focused on the topic, to better understand the genre? Check it out below!

8. Explanation of K-pop (2018)

(Netflix/Play)Source: Netflix

In this Netflix series, divided into several seasons, the public has access to a special episode dedicated entirely to K-pop. In just a few minutes, the documentary provides a very interesting historical overview of the genre, showing who its forerunners were and what strategies the companies used to expose the music to every possible scenario.

There are also several fan reports that enrich the viewer’s experience in different ways, bringing them closer to the subject being portrayed.

7. Taiyang: White Knight (2020)

(YG/Play)(YG/Play)Source: YG

Also in serialized format, the documentary wrapped around Bigbang, a fairly well-known band over the past decade, brings to the limelight its lead singer, Taeyang. Over the course of eight episodes, you’ll be able to follow performances, ideas, concepts and many questions from the solo artist’s eponymous tour, held between 2017 and 2018.

The anticipation of the release of the song and the concern of the impact with the fans is not out of the story. You can watch the full documentary via YouTube Originals.

6. K-POP Evolution (2021)

(youtube original/reproduction)(youtube original/reproduction)Source: youtube original

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simultaneously understoodfrom netflix, K-POP Evolution Its main mission is to present the audience with all the details of the evolution and rise of the genre over time.

In eight episodes, all available on YouTube Originals, viewers watch valuable testimonials from experts in the field and begin to understand how Clear Band was so successful in South Korea, expanding to the rest of the world. With a relaxing presentation, the production does a great job of getting to know more about K-pop for the masses!

5. Jay Park – Chosen1 (2019)

(youtube original/reproduction)(youtube original/reproduction)Source: youtube original

Born in the United States but of Korean descent, the artist displays his most intimate moments, from childhood in Seattle to stardom in the band 2PM, when he sang professionally. Currently, he is still the CEO of AOMG and H1ghr Music, two companies focused on K-Pop, but from different perspectives.

Although I am focusing on just one person, it is interesting to see how history repeats itself in many respects, showing how artists of the genre struggle hard to achieve success. All episodes of this documentary series can also be viewed directly on Youtube Originals.

4. Seventeen: Hit the Road (2020)

(Pledis/Reproduction)(Pledis/Reproduction)Source: pledis

With 15 episodes also available on Youtube Originals, Seventeen fans, as well as those curious about the subject, will be able to venture into several interesting moments related to the tour undertaken by the group between 2019 and 2020.

In a way, the script uses the band’s involvement with fans to uncover their intentions, with each new episode acting like a love letter to all of them. It is an intimate portrait of each of the band’s members, highlighting their inner challenges as artists and briefly showing how a long-awaited tour can unfold from first thoughts to final show.

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3. Twice: Seize the Light (T2020)

(youtube original/reproduction)(youtube original/reproduction)Source: youtube original

Another band that even won a documentary to call its own was TWICE, made up of nine women. As such, there are nine episodes devoted entirely to fans of not just the band, but K-pop as a whole.

The narrative includes a number of novelties related to this universe, which testifies to the presence of many elements of the genre, such as Fanchant and Lightsticks, and also counts on the group’s backstage, including rehearsals, compositions and more!

Two. Blackpink: Light Up the Sky (2020)

(Netflix/Play)(Netflix/Play)Source: Netflix

One of the most famous K-pop bands on this side of the planet is, undoubtedly, Blackpin’. The four girls who made up the group have already contributed to several artists such as Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa.

In this documentary distributed by Netflix, fans and the general public will be able to get to know Lisa, Jenny, Jisoo and Rose from a new perspective, which will include valuable information about the band’s past formation, along with their expectations for the future. .

1. BTS: Burn the Stage (2018)

(youtube original/reproduction)(youtube original/reproduction)Source: youtube original

To close the list, it is necessary to talk about the Bangtan Boys conquering the world. It is probably the most famous band of all time, having received numerous records and appearances at festivals and important awards.

In burn the stage, released commercially in theaters and now available in the YouTube Originals Catalog, follows the routine of seven boys during a grand tour full of details. It is possible to follow each of them’s vision about the future and also how the pressure of being so famous affects them. It’s really worth it, especially to understand that K-pop is something that is here to stay!

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Did you like the list? So be sure to enjoy our recommendations via streaming now!

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