Klopp vs Guardiola marks England’s decision

Klopp vs Guardiola marks England's decision

This Sunday (10), Manchester City and Liverpool face each other in a duel over who deserves the lead of the Premier League. Among the highlights of this match, the duel between coach Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola will be more of a fight between them. The game, which could be a major step towards the Premier League title, is scheduled for 12:30 (Brasilia time), with minute-by-minute monitoring. UOL Score,

on podcast Football Without Borders #44 (Listen in full in the episode above), columnist Julio Gomes and international correspondent Jamil Chade welcome BBC journalist Fernando Duarte, who has lived in England for 20 years. He spoke about the duel between the coaches and Klopp’s influence since coming to Liverpool.

“Jurgen Klopp’s arrival will be remembered as a watershed for Liverpool 50 years from now. Not that the club was not great before his arrival. We are talking about a team that won the Champions League five times. also changes the context of the game”, Duterte remarked.

Jamil cited an article in the French newspaper L’Equipe to comment on Klopp and Guardiola’s salaries. “The champion is still Simeone, with €3.5 million a month. Guardiola is in second place with €1.8 million/month, and Klopp is in third place with €1.4 million/month. Out of the three highest salaries among technicians Talking about two”, he said. Julio said: “And they deserve to be the two most valuable coaches in the world.”

columnist of uol showed how this Sunday’s game will be a showdown of sorts between Klopp and Guardiola. “It will be the 23rd game between them. Guardiola is already the manager Klopp has faced the most, but Klopp is not the manager Guardiola has faced the most – he played against Jose Mourinho 25 times. That’s nine wins for each side. , with four draws. These data alone already show Klopp’s size”, commented Julio, emphasizing that some of the coaches in the clash with Guardiola advantage or balance.

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Despite being regarded as one of the greatest coaches in history, Guardiola has placed a load on his shoulders: that he never led Manchester City to the Champions League, despite the club’s huge investment in signing players. Liverpool, with a more ‘modest’ budget than their rivals, have excelled more in continental tournaments. Another merit of Klopp, in Duarte’s view.

“This thing about him never being able to lead Manchester City to the Champions League title is starting to get a little uncomfortable. Loss to Chelsea [1 a 0 na final da última edição] It hurt and gave fans a dismay. His work in the English league is undeniable, but he did not win the Champions League. If there is anything in it that can be criticized, it is the stammer that the city always gives when making decisions in Europe”, said the journalist.

For Jameel, the rivalry between the two teams did not affect the cordial relationship between the coaches. “The styles are different, but they say they are very friendly. Recently, Guardiola said that Klopp made him a better coach and inspired him. Klopp arrived a few years ago kicking in the door and, at least, the press Changed the conference.” , They said.

Duarte insists that Klopp is not only a remarkable man on the field. “He is a special person who plays with the crowd a lot. Klopp is also very critical of matters off the field, something that players and coaches ignore. He spoke out against Brexit. [a saída do Reino Unido da União Europeia], touches on the issue of elites in football. He is very attentive and has a lot of charisma. I look forward to seeing a coach who is as fit at the club as he is,” he concluded.

Manchester City are ahead of England on 73 points, just one more than Liverpool. Both won their midweek engagements for the quarter-finals of the Champions League: Citizens beat Atletico Madrid 1-0 at home; The Reds toured Benfica and returned with a 3–1 win over Portugal. The comeback duets will be held next week.

Listen to the Football Without Borders podcast and also see how the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City plays out in both cities, although it is not the same size as Manchester United.

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