Koi Tekmo announces ‘The New Collection’ for PS5, to be released on February 5 – Cinelinks

Koi Tekmo announces 'The New Collection' for PS5, to be released on February 5 - Cinelinks

Koi Tekmo announced today that they will be releasing Nioh Collection For the newly released PS5 on February 5, 2021.

These are included in the game collection New Remastered – Full Version And New 2 Remastered – Complete Edition The game. It will also feature faster load times, 120 fps, save transfer and cross-gen multiplayer. The collection will also support 4K, 3D audio and compatible triggers.

An official announcement was made this morning on YouTube:

Those who don’t yet have a PS5 need not worry about being noticed: Koei Tekmo further announced that Neo 2 – Full Version Also for PS4 and PC will be released on February 5, 2021. Neo 2 – Full Version Includes base game and all three DLC details: “Follower of The Tango,” “Darkness in the Capital,” and “The First Samurai.” The full edition will include 4K Ultra-HD support, ultra-wide-screen compatibility, HDR and 144Hz monitor support, 120 fps, and full mouse and keyboard compatibility. The steam version will include a unique valve helmet.

Both Nioh Collection For PS5 and up Neo 2- Full Version Will be available for PS4 and PC February 5, 2021.

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