Kovid-19: Australia should not reopen borders before 2022. world

Kovid-19: Australia should not reopen borders before 2022.  world

a Australia Despite the progress of vaccination campaigns worldwide, its borders are not expected to be reopened to foreign travelers in 2021. The statement belongs to Health Secretary Brendan Murphy, one of the government’s top advisers. According to him, the return of normal traffic at the borders is not expected before 2022.

“I think we’ll still have significant border restrictions for most of the year,” he told ABC broadcaster. “Although a large proportion of the population has been vaccinated, we do not know if it will prevent the transmission of the virus”, he explained.

“It is likely that quarantine measures will continue for some time,” he said. As a result of these restrictions, tens of thousands of Australians are blocked overseas. Returners will have to pay $ 3,000 (approximately US $ 2,300) for their 14 days of quarantine at the hotel.

Australia, with 25 million inhabitants, has concluded agreements to obtain vaccine supplements against the Kovid-19 developed by the British group AstraZeneca with the University of Oxford and Pfizer / BioNTech, but is still awaiting authorization from regulatory agencies are doing. Vaccination will not begin until early February.

British tension revealed in Brisbane

The country recorded more than 28,600 cases of Kovid-19 and about 909 deaths. In Brisbane, the country’s third largest city, the government decided the end of the lockdown on the 11th after discovering the first case of the British version of the disease.

The use of masks will remain mandatory in locations closed to 22nd, including public transport. Restaurants and bars will be subject to new restrictions, including a reduction in the number of customers. The British reported to the WHO the existence of the most infectious coronovirus strain in December, which was initially detected in Australia.

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