Kovid-19 lockdown ends after two months in Shanghai, China. World

Kovid-19 lockdown ends after two months in Shanghai, China.  World

The lockdown regime against COVID-19 in Shanghai ended at midnight on Wednesday (local time) after a period of two months. There was celebration in the city, but there is a fear that there may be a new outbreak of this disease.

Most of Shanghai’s 25 million residents can now freely leave their homes, return to work, use the public transportation system and drive their own cars – a moment that many felt It will never come.

Shanghai begins easing restrictions against Kovid

Shanghai is the largest and most cosmopolitan city China

At midnight, small groups gathered in the neighborhood of the former French Concession and whistled, “Prohibition lifted!” And toast with a glass of champagne.

Before that, the streets were bustling, with residents picnicking on the lawn and children cycling on car-free paths. Dance retreats, a common nighttime scene in Chinese cities, have reappeared for the first time in months in plazas and open spaces along the Huangpu River.

Shanghai Disneyland, which has yet to announce its reopening date, aired a light show to celebrate the “lifting of the lockdown in Shanghai”. A Chinese expression was used which also means “prohibition”, and which was avoided by the municipal authorities.

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