Kovid-19 postpone matches and threaten English football again – 12/30/2020 – Sport

Kovid-19 postpone matches and threaten English football again - 12/30/2020 - Sport

The two games postponed in the current round of the Premier League showed that English football was again severely threatened by the epidemic, to generate some requests to disrupt competition.

The question is whether the number of positive tests for Kovid-19 among elite clubs in England has reached its highest level since May.

Eighteen players and members of the technical commissions of 20 clubs of the British elite had a positive test in the final round of the examination released on Tuesday (29). A total of 1,479 people were tested on 21–27 December.

Thus, the possibility of the series being postponed in the coming days cannot be ruled out, as was scheduled for Monday (28) in the Everton vs Manchester City match. Suspended four hours before start, After detecting several infections in the team led by Pep Guardiola.

On Wednesday (30), Tottenham v Fulham was postponed due to a “significant increase” in positive cases at Fulham, the Premier League reported. The unit did not disclose the number and names of each team involved.

Prior to that decision, Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho had made fun of the league with an Instagram post: “I play (London) at 6 pm. We still don’t know if we’ll play or not. The best league in the world,” he wrote. .

A similar situation exists within Sheffield United, and a dispute between Chelsea and Manchester City scheduled for Sunday (3) is also up in the air.

Manchester City’s return to training on Wednesday, two days after postponing the game against Everton, suggested that the feud could be played with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. In another round of testing no new infection was detected.

In the lower categories, adjourned and positive cases were multiplied for several days, and the possibility of general suspension of competitions was noted.

One of the voices in this regard is that of new West Bromwich Albion coach Sam Allardius.

Following his team’s home defeat against Leeds (5–0), Allardyce called on officials to put on a circuit breaker to slow the spread of the epidemic.

“Whatever is done, even with multiple tests, wearing masks, washing hands, we continue the transition across the country”, congratulated the coach. “Everyone’s health is most important. When I hear that the new version of the virus spreads 70% faster, the best thing is that there is a lag in the weather. “

Later on Wednesday, the Premier League issued a note stating that the tournament’s stagnation was not being discussed and it relied on its health protocol.

Prior to this week, only one game in the competition (Newcastle vs Aston Villa, in early December) was postponed.

The 2020/21 season began a month later than normal, as the previous one could only end in July following a break due to imprisonment in July.

Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solaskar fears the impact of a Hiatus on an already compressed schedule: “I’m not interested in taking a break. When are we going to play the game?”

Health status in Britain has reached historic lows this week since the emergence of a version of coronovirus, which has been synonymous with an explosion of positive cases.

From 8 to 10 January, elite clubs enter the fray of the FA Cup, the prestigious FA Cup, and lower-class clubs that do not have the same health protocols.

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“Examination expenses for these clubs [das categorias inferiores] Will be covered, ”the Premier League said.

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