Kristian recalls challenges for silver in women’s football in Athens 2004. olympics

Kristian recalls challenges for silver in women's football in Athens 2004.  olympics

The top scorer in women’s football in the history of the Olympic Games, Christian Rozeira, sent the ball past the goal 14 times. Silver medalists in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, the striker began playing ball on dirt grounds, without gym training or supplements. But adversity was fuel to fight for better conditions and honor. Busy, Chris became one of the people responsible for the development and commercialization of the game.

My medals: Kristian’s first Olympics, artillery and silver

– It was very easy for you to go to Olympiads and charge you for medals, charge you for results without giving you the least amount of work. We got 25 riyas in a day. Who plays the Olympics with 25 reais in a day? Sometimes we didn’t have sports equipment. We’ll put on a boot, give it to another player, and then get our foot back. So, that was the basics we wanted at the time – recalls Kristian.

In the final of the Athens 2004 Games, Brazil faced the United States. The memories are still vivid and very clear in the player’s mind. In the second half of overtime, the penalty overlooked after a clear hand from an American defender was decisive. Opponents won the gold by just one goal in the last minute, with Wambach leveling 2-1.

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I have kept the photo of the penalty which the referee did not give till today. I think there was a disappointment in that sense, knowing that we could have won, but then this thing came to mind: “This is our first important medal, this medal is ours, we’re taking it to Brazil” – Raiders he said.

Kristian first wore the national team jersey in 2001, when he was called up for a friendly tournament in South Korea. Last month, the striker was surprised when Piya Sundhej was dropped from the roster for the Tokyo Olympics. Last Sunday, Globo announced the medalist as a reinforcement to the team of commentators.

Read medalist Christian Rogira’s full testimony below:

Reaching the Olympic final was a milestone for us. It was the first important final of our career, also in the history of the women’s team. And coming up against the United States, those girls were absurd, it gave us a lot of weight.

Before Wambach got out, we had a penalty that Daniela kicked the ball and the American defender literally defended the ball. There is a picture: [a bola bate] In the middle of his arm with the referee in front. Then we scored.

Even though in our country, unfortunately, we do not consider bronze and silver as important as they should be. But internally, with our family, with our friends, for the sport, we knew how important it was. And it also looked at other girls and said: “Hey, I want to play soccer”

When I left home when I was 14, I say I went to work because it was a job. I didn’t get a salary, but it was still a job. The fields were dirty, we didn’t have access to the gym, we didn’t have supplementation.

Here it is our turning point in the medal game. So, I think the fact of being in the history of the Olympic Games, having this medal at home and being able to show it to my son (telling the story of what his mother did, and what we did in between) is so difficulty), is a huge pride.

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