LBFF 2021: LBFF 4 Series B to start with free fire from Atletico-MG between teams this Thursday

LBFF 2021: LBFF 4 Series B to start with free fire from Atletico-MG between teams this Thursday

Series B of the fourth Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF 4) began on Thursday, with 36 teams advancing to the elite Free fire In Brazil. Divided into three stages, the championship runs until March 28 and will feature e-Gallo, as Atletico-MG eSports are entitled to in-between contestants. The contest will be broadcast live on E-SPORTV on YouTube and BOOYAH!.

LBFF Series B Teams 4 – Photo: Disclosure

The first and second phase departments always start at 5 pm on Thursday (Brasilia time). In the initial phase, the 36 teams are divided into three groups and, each round, face each other twice inside the keys on a different map (Purgatory, Kalahari and Bermuda). The top six teams advance to each bracket, and those who come in seventh and eighth positions guarantee their place in the second division. In the second stage, the remnants of the three groups duel against other braces over three rounds, and the top four from each group qualify for the finals.

See LBFF 2021 Series B Group:

  • Group A: Nuex Gaming, Winsit Gaming, CK Elite, Checkmate, Troop,, Gua Corp, Ninjas, AmazonCrapz, C2nports, Team Syntonia, Fuego e-Sports and Hazmat
  • B group: Los Grades, Civis, DT Game, Ultimus Game Management, Imperial eSports, Golden Vulpes, Brakeman, Betel Esports, Jaguar, TGS Elite, Manso Ri and UP Gaming
  • Group C: Star, Worm E-Sports, Bounce, K9 E-Sports, Nitrox Exports, E-Gallo, DDC, Monticiever, TG Game, W7M Gaming, Team Solid and Elite Boys

See LBFF 4 Series B Calendar:

02/11 (5 pm onwards)
Group A – Inaccessible
Grupo B – Kalahari
Group C – Bermuda

02/18 – (From 17th)
Group B – Inaccessible
Grupo C – Kalahari
Group A – Bermuda

02/25 (5 pm)
Group C – Purgatory
Group A – Kalahari
Group B – Bermuda

03/04 (since 17h)
Group A and B – Inaccessible
Groupos BEC – Kalahari
Group C and A – Bermuda

03/11 (5 pm onwards)
Group B and C – Durgun
Group CEA – Kalahari
Group A and B – Bermuda

03/18 (5 pm onwards)
Group C and A – Purgatory
Group A and B – Kalahari
Group B and C – Bermuda

03/28 (Confirmation time)
The last

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