Lean vs Santos Laguna: Live Stream and Naline and Liga MX Updates (2-1) | 11/03/2020

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12:44 AM 3 minutes ago

80 ‘

Montes’ great service to Campbell who couldn’t beat his title and went over the goal.

12:40 AM 7 minutes ago

76 ‘

As a result of the goal, Lyon completely dominated the match and is looking for third place for the walk.

12:29 AM18 minutes ago

65 ‘

Rivero entered from the left side of the area and fired, but the quota was cut short.

12:28 AM19 minutes ago

64 ‘

A lot of shots by Gayle Sandoval that went beyond Kota’s goal.

12:23 AM24 minutes ago

60 ‘

First change of game: Garnika leaves and Diego Valdez enters.

12:22 AM25 minutes ago

57 ‘

Fidel Umbridge searched for some plays but ended up with Santos’ Servants.

12:17 30 minutes before dawn

52 ‘Leon’s goal

The brilliant definition of “chapo” montage comes from outside the area that came to the corner, after a series of bounces in the Santos area.
Great game of captain!

12:14 AM 33 minutes ago

49 ‘

The game of risk in the Lyon area that Kota ends up cutting twice, but it was complicated.

11:57 PM hours ago

Half time

Leon maintained his dominance in possession but was unable to make his arrival, while Julio Furch, who had only one game to play, scored to give Santos an incomplete advantage.

11:52 PM hours ago

45 ‘

Rodriguez beat Barrero, who goes on the ball but is very strong and inside the field.

11:48 PM hours ago

41 ‘The goal of the saints

Julio Furch’s goal!
He kicked it from a distance and sent it into the first goal of the match with the help of Kota.

11:46 PM hours ago

40 ‘

Rodriguez’s shot that crosses the lion’s target.

11:43 PM hours ago

37 ‘

Yellow card for Van Rankin who boarded the Lyon player to block the advance.

11:38 PM hours ago

32 ‘

Shot by Gayle Sandowall who goes back with a quota goal.

11:31 PM hours ago

25 ‘

A powerful shot by Menezes that Carlos Asevedo’s flight needed to send it to a corner.

11:25 PM hours ago

20 ‘

Goal Giulioti was dismissed after being found out of place.

11:25 PM hours ago

19 ‘

Speed ​​play by Mina which easily ends up in the hands of Acevedo.

11:22 PM hours ago

16 ‘

Garnica added a brilliant play with a tunnel that ended with a center in the field but in the shot Sandoval sent the ball to the side.

11:18 pman hour ago

12 ‘

The first powerful shot of the match was scored by Guerrero but it went straight into Kota’s hands.

11:06 2 hours ago

0 ‘

Match starts at Camp Nine!

11:04 2 hours ago

Santos will go for this feat

10:54 a.m. 2 hours ago

Santos expresses his support for Rivas

10:45 a.m. 2 p.m.

Promise youth in court

10:17 pm 3 hours ago

Looking forward to seeing the team at home

10:11 a.m. 3 hours ago

Finally Leon stayed home

10:02 3 hours ago

Start broadcasting live

In a few moments we will bring you all the details of the line-ups and games that will face Lynn vs. Santos.
Last double round of 16th round! Welcome!

6:29 pm 6 hours ago

The last match between Lyon and Santos

6:24 p.m.

How and where to watch Lions vs. Santos

6:19 p.m.

Santos’ last lineup

Was Acevedo; If. Van Rankin, h. Rodriguez, m. Fear; A. Servants, b. Garnica, f. Gorarian, d. Android, g. Sandowall; If the French and e. Aguera.

6:14 before 7 p.m.

Leon’s last lineup

Cotta, Ramirez, Barrero, Tacilo, Rodriguez, Navarro, Aquino, Montes, Mena, Menes and Giglioti.

6:09 before 7 p.m.

The main player of Santos

6:04 pm 7 hours ago

Leon’s main player

5:59 p.m.

Santos wants to be local in Recharge

5:54 7 hours ago

Lion good and good news

5:49 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Kick-off time

The Lynn vs. Santos match will be played at the Lynn Stadium in Guanajuato, Mexico.
Kick-off at 11:00 p.m. Is scheduled.

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