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Running I Puppies: Want a better combination? Canicross involves running with your best friend and helps to release endorphins (through physical exercise) Oxytocin (Due to his affection for Animals), Hormones produced and released by our bodies that create feelings of happiness and well-being. The activity does not require piles (it is just you and your pets) and must be carried out. Perfect for epidemic times.

Ligia and Kiara are walking together. Personal photo collection

Until recently, I did not know what is Canocross. It was electrical engineers Legia Sintra (photo) and Pitbull Kiara who taught me about the game, which was born in the United Kingdom in the 1990s. Inspired by dogs, those who draw sleds are perfect for those who like to run and want to exercise. Activity with you dog. And, here, we already have clues for the main condition: the ability to run from both humans and humans domestic animal.

From the age of one year, any healthy, overweight dog can practice. Puppies Grandpa and brachycephalic breeds (with a flat muzzle) are not recommended. Of course, before starting the activity, the ideal thing is to go to a cardiologist and you Pet At the vet for an investigation.

Once everyone is cleared by the doctors, it is recreation time. A peculiar feature of Canocross To be practiced on the countryside and footpaths. An important piece of advice: condition yourself dog Little by little and make sure that he is always in front of you, as he gives the rhythm.

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In the list of essential equipment, place: elastic guide and traction vest (chest) dog; And driver’s belt. The guide is attached to the vest and belt – it must be elastic just to absorb the impact it causes Pet In addition to when pulling, it is important to bring a portable water pot and traditional kata-kaka.

Do you want another good reason to join CanocrossThe This is a great chance to make new friends. Students Nara Olivera and Samoyed Rafiki are proof of this. He looked in Instagram du gua is belly friendly A post about @victecaocorredora And came into contact with him. Invited to be part of sports group @Dennisity. Since then, they have already participated in two trials. Even Nara’s mother also joined the game with Mufasa Samoida. Inspiring

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