Learn to use sticker search on whatsapp

Learn to use sticker search on whatsapp

WhatsApp Friday (26) released the search function for stickers for users Android I Iphone (IOS). Until that time, the tool was only available for WhatsApp beta, only through a trial version of Messenger Google Play.

The novelty was announced by the company via Twitter itself, prompting Internet users to immediately test the search. Follow Tutorials Learn more below how to use the new feature.


Apparently, the functionality was released automatically, without the need for software updates. According to tests conducted by Digital look, This is not yet available for the web version or application For whatsapp desktop. But get down to business:

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How to get sticker on whatsapp?

To use the new function, the user only needs to open a conversation window or a group, tap on the sticker button and then the “magnifying glass” button in the lower left corner (on both Android and iOS). It is possible to search with text or emojis, as indicated by the app itself.

Learn to find stickers on WhatsApp; The resource was released on Friday (26). Picture: Digital Look

The stickers are divided into seven different tabs: all, love, best wishes, happy, sad, angry and celebratory. So far, WhatsApp has not confirmed how the stickers diverge based on the category. On social networks, Internet users also recalled that competitor Telegram has a similar feature.

The discovery of the sticker on WhatsApp was tested at least since October 2020. Unfortunately, in the tests conducted by our team, It is not yet possible to search for the original names, which is probably the most expected task by the users of the application.

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