Leifert exaggerates and makes fun of Sportw on the Dia do Reporter

Leifert exaggerates and makes fun of Sportw on the Dia do Reporter

Fully relegated to the driving of Light, Loose and Big Brother Brasil 21, Tiago Leifert maintained his behavior on the reality show last evening (16) in the evening edition. Jokes at night confirmed the elimination of the comic Nego Di from home. Finally, a hesitation. As of the reporter’s day – 16 February – the presenter made fun of his debut in such a ceremony at Grupo Globo.

When the finished contestant is trying to motivate the contestant about the future and remembers that the journey is long, Leffert fired. “On [idade atual de Nego Di], Was playing a very bad game as a reporter at Tiago Sportav, “the 40-year-old presenter said.

The phrase divides opinion

The phrase formed part of the entertainment of viewers and some broadcasters, but it bothered others. Former colleagues of Globo’s sports team in São Paulo saw Leifert’s contempt for the role of reporter. In an exchange of messages, some promised to “chat” with Tiago about the case.

Revolution in globo esporte

With a psychology and journalism degree from the University of Miami in the United States, Leifert started as a reporter at TV Vanguarda in the region in 2004, Globo’s associate in São José dos Campos. Two years later, his stripped-down language was highlighted, calling him São Paulo.

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Leifert debuted with video game reports at Esporte Espétrifique and appeared more prominently at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio, and participated in the broadcast of the Brazilian Championship since 2008. Good performance Globo entrusted him with a revolution on “Globo Esport SP”. Since 2009. The editor and presenter set up a booklet that followed mixed information and entertainment throughout Brazil to date. Mixing a serious tone with several jokes, Leifert won over the audience.

In 2012, was invited by the core director Boninho, Tiago Leifert works in entertainment. He previously performed “The Voice Brasil”, a role he still plays today. He also starred in “É de Casa” and played “Zero 1” on Saturday nights.

In 2017, the presenter replaced Pedro Balial over the head of Big Brother Brasil. Leifert left Sport permanently in 2018 and established itself as one of the leading global entertainment names on the network.

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